Patch20: Twenty Advantages of Topical Patch Nutrient Technology

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  1. Superior absorption of nutrients. Nutrients are RECEIVED by the body directly through the skin. Digestion, on the other hand, requires extra steps and energy to EXTRACT nutrients. Especially as you age, only a small portion of various supplements can be effectively processed by the digestive system (9-12%) compared to 75% – 95% with topical patches.
  2. Far lower cost for what your body actually gets. Since your body absorbs nutrients so much better through topical patch technology, you actually PAY MUCH LESS for the actual amount of nutrients your body is getting.
  3. Ease of delivery. With topical patches there is no upset stomach and no unpleasantness around swallowing pills or having them stuck in your throat.
  1. Science supports its use. Topical patches have been used for decades to quit smoking (nicotine patches) and even to prevent pregnancy as verified by rigorous science and peer-reviewed publications. If topical patches can deliver birth control effectively, it would only make sense for them to deliver nutrients successfully .
  2. Patch technology is PROVEN technology. Topical patches are TRIED AND TESTED technology. Patch4All topical formulations have been developed in consultation with professionals from major clinics and university hospitals throughout the United States.
  3. Patch4All complementary patch formulations provide comprehensive support that allow patches to be used together at the same time. Patch4All has designed their “Virus Protection and Immune Health” 3-package to deal with not only the source of challenges to health (certain microbes), but the vital maintenance of the body’s response, repair, and buffering mechanisms for blood, organ, and nerve health (anti-oxidants, B-complex, anxiety calming compounds, and more).

Be Clear, Sleep Well, Pain Free

Virus Protection & Immune Health

  1. Less waste and fewer problems with allergies. Topical patches have no allergy-worrying fillers and extenders and “inert ingredients” that take up 95+% of traditional pill supplements.
  2. Easier to make part of your daily routine. How many people go days at a time without remembering to take their pill supplements? Now imagine having topical patches awaiting you after you get out of the shower. You simply peel off and slap on the nutrient patch as part of a morning ritual.
  3. Patch4All patches can help you become more vital with age. As the body advances in age, its mechanisms generally become less efficient and responsive. More nutrients are required to do the same jobs. Inflammation and pain also become greater problems. What body wouldn’t appreciate a convenient, pleasant, low-stress, and age-friendly way to deliver soothing and energizing nutrients?

Receive 20% Off Your Order By Using Code PATCH20

  1. Patch4All patches address vitamin deficiencies more directly and effectively. Indoor and sedentary lifestyles create vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin D deficiency especially has become an epidemic problem. By supplying the body directly and efficiently with these vitamins, topical patches support the body “coming back to life,” successfully addressing nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, and pain and promote GREATER VITALITY.

  1. Patch4All patches are time-release nutrient delivery systems. Therefore you get the health-enhancing benefits extended throughout the day or night, and not just in one shot.
  2. Patch4All patches have a shelf-life of 3+ years. Shipping and supply disruptions have come with the latest pandemic (and those to come). Any “stock-up” supplies of Patch4All patches you purchase will retain full potency for years into the future.
  3. Patch4All technology uses a comprehensive mind-body-emotion approach to health that helps the whole person and gets to the systemic root of health problems. It DOES NOT use “silver bullet” or “golden pill” methods that treat superficial symptoms in a disconnected way, which can cover up the root of health problems and cause unintended consequences. For instance, knowing that unhealthy eating is NOT ONLY PHYSICAL BUT EMOTIONAL, Patch4All incorporates weight loss supplementation AND anxiety relief into its Verde Slim patch.
  1. Patch4All technology is designed to be SYNERGISTIC and COLLABORATIVE, allowing nutrients work together and enhance each other. One great example is the Alpha Omega Ultimate formulation which combines turmeric (a powerful antioxidant which cleans up “free radicals” in the body), CBD (a powerful anti-inflammatory), Vitamin D (an essential for blood balancing), Omega 3 (a mood stabilizer and aid to nerve recovery). By contrast, traditional, segmented, competitive approaches often confuse the body or send contradictory demands. This obsolete approach can readily cause counter-reactivity and contraindications (clashes with other health interventions).

  1. Patch4All patches can increase the ability to mentally concentrate and handle the growing complexity and demands of modern life. “Brain fog” and fatigue are terms beginning to get wide circulation as proliferation of information, distraction, and demands on attention multiply. Using a clear, clean, and sustained topical delivery system for nutrients crucial for brain health and mental function will not only help counter demands on the mind but provide a proactive boost for creative engagement.

Receive 20% Off Your Order By Using Code PATCH20

  1. Bio-availability. Your body can take in patch-delivered nutrients quicker without having nutrients “wait in line” for organs to process them. Ingested nutrients, on the other hand, may have to be spread out over time to be utilized best, so they do not compete with each other in getting processed through various body systems and organs.
  2. Patch4All patches are much easier to store and travel with. Bulky and noisy bottles of supplements often come with different instructions as to proper storage (“Please refrigerate.” “Please keep in a cool and dry place”). Patch4All patches come in very light, flat, attractive, easy-to-use, low-maintenance sleeves that allow for convenient storage and transport.
  3. Patch4All patches are small, dosage dividable, and easy to place. Proprietary processes that incorporate super-fine, potent nutrients, allow Patch4All patches to be unobtrusive, only about a square-inch. It can be cut diagonally to further control dosage, and it is typically placed on the shoulders and upper chest.
  4. Part of a pro-active and preventive “health care” approach, rather than a reactive and too-late “sick care” approach. Extensive research is showing how even small changes in diet and nutrient support can have enormous downstream effects on the quality of life as one grows older. By consciously, consistently, and intimately finding what benefits and harms our unique health profiles, we will be much better positioned to “insource” (rather than outsource) overall health and live an aware, long, and happy life.
  1. Topical patches have been used to reverse unhealthy “lifestyle deficits,” assist in recovery from surgery, and balance and tonify the entire body. The prestigious medical institution, Johns Hopkins, for instance, became enthused with the potential of this technology to help patients recovering from stomach surgery who cannot take vitamins orally. Studies prove the amazing capacity of the body to recover when we stop abusing it and give it what it needs. Why not use the latest and best way to do this? Why not have a “whole body beautiful”?

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